There will however be times where expert advice can help shortcut getting your smart home operational, this is where my coaching package can help.

You may just need a quick conversation to get you on your way or a short-term accountability relationship to build momentum.

Here are the things included in this smart home coaching package to help you push through common roadblocks.

How it works?


Complete the form below to help me understand the topics you would like discussed during the call and make this a successful experience for you.


Upon purchasing the coaching service, you will receive further instructions on how to schedule your call.


You will have 60 minutes live with me via a Video chat to discuss any topic you want related to your Smart Home.

Who is My Accountability Coach?

Hi, I am Gerard, your coach! I have been providing smart home automation educational content for the last 20 years. During this period, I founded a leading smart home integration company and authored several technology books, blog articles, podcast episodes and training courses about smart homes. I work to help you succeed in implementing various types of smart home systems into your family home.


We can talk about anything you want related to your emerging smart home including but not limited to:

I’d like to…

  • Get feedback on my overall direction through the various smart home challenges.
  • Figure out what smart home devices to buy.
  • Show you my house so I can decide where to locate various smart devices.
  • Have a routine check in for some accountability in setting up my smart home.

If you have other ideas, I'm open to them! Just make sure that 30 minutes is enough time to cover your topic.


The way to get the most value from your coaching call is to be fully prepared for your call.

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